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Surgical Drills

Two New Drill Diameters (3.85 & 4.85mm) For Placement Of 5.0 And 6.0mm Implants In Soft Bone

  • Two Flute Design For Efficient Cutting
  • Drill Tip Geometry Facilitates Advancement In The Osteotomy
  • Alternating Lines And Bands Enhance Depth Mark Visibility And Drill Orientation In The Osteotomy
  • Grooves Plus Laser Etching Add To Depth Mark Visibility
  • Two New Drill Diameters (3.85 & 4.85mm) For Placement Of 5.0 And 6.0mm Implants In Soft Bone
  • Matte Finish Reduces Glare
  • New Pointed Starter Drill And Drill Extension Available

Recommended Drilling Guidelines For Parallel Walled Implants Based On Bone Quality

New Drilling Guidelines have been recommended by BIOMET 3i for parallel walled implants with the goal of attaining optimal bone-to-implant contact. The recommended drilling protocol should be selected based on the diameter of the chosen implant and the quality of the bone. The final twist drills recommended for placement of 5mm and 6mm parallel walled implants in medium (Type II & III) bone are 3.85mm (ACT38xx) and 4.85mm (ACT48xx).

NOTE: To review the complete recommended guidelines for placement of BIOMET 3i Implants based on bone quality, please refer to the Surgical Manual (CATSM) and the instructions for use.

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